I want to begin this post with a simple question. Have you ever heard that POSITIVE THINKING can cause success in weight loss process? If yes you areĀ  half right, because there are some other main factors that can affect the process.

There are lots of people looking for weight loss and healthy lifestyle, highly motivated to reach their goals. They do whatever possible to increase motivation like they open their accounts on social media, talking about their processes, but there are so many of those people who can never achieve to what they have dreamed about. What’s the problem? What’s wrong in the process to achieve a healthy lifestyle? Why some people can finish the process successfully and there are many who can’t?

Let’s go ahead and do some more discussion on different subjects to dig into this issue.

I believe positive thinking can be helpful in any process especially in weight loss, however it will never result in huge changes just by itself.

Now I have one fundamental question. How can you manage your subconscious mind and aims in the same direction? You can tell yourself that you will achieve your aims, however there are fears and doubts in your mind that you must get rid of them otherwise you will collapse at one point and finally lose track of your targets.

Let’s continue our topic with weight loss and how to follow its process successfully:

As I mentioned before there are two main factors that must be avoided in order to be successful in weight loss process. They include:


Like if it is going to work for me or not? Can I achieve the results expected in the first month? Second month? Sixth month? First year? Is it worth so much of effort, time and costs?


Like how to deal with new situations after change in your shape and weight.

Let’s get into some details and see how you can get rid of doubts and fears on your process of weight loss:


There are so many people who have doubt(s) about everything but they have never tried to help themselves know where all those doubts are coming from and how they are coming. All they say is something like” I have tried so many ways and no success has come out, why should I go for another try?”



Why do I think this way? Is that a truth? Is that an important point to focus on? Have I tried that process in the best way? Or are there better options available that I have never tried before to achieve the best outcome? Why should I think and expect the same as others about this special process? And more important point that while they have seen so many pictures of before and after of weight loss process from other people they just say they are different from others and it cannot work for them and they don’t question themselves. And even worse they are not going to find a special approach for themselves to get rid of all those problems to experience a better level of life.


As you know where your doubts are coming from, you have the ability to change those into positive thoughts. For example if you think you have done the program completely then after a little research you get to the point that some parts are missing ,now you have your own feedback to solve the problems. You should think creatively to pass through this way. Never ever give up until you find your own unique approach. Everything is achievable.


I believe if you can get rid of doubts in your mind, even without understanding by your conscious mind, your subconscious mind will assume that you can achieve your goals. You should persuade yourself about your abilities and potentials and this is the beginning toward success.


There are so many people who believe there is nothing to be fearful about on their approaches to achieve their dreams. But reality is something elseĀ for instance when your body changes your character will also change. Your body will not change in a day or a week, let’s say three months, six month, when you see your body in front of a mirror you may become surprised and sometimes it is hard to deal with new body shape. And one of the reasons that people are trying to get rid of the results of their weight loss program is because they cannot deal with their new personality.

Rebuilding your personality and having a good feeling with other people in this new body shape are two important factors after weight loss program is executed.


The same as doubts, you should find the reasons for your fears. You should find your negative thoughts about the people who have your dreamful body shape.

People mostly like to be rich, but while they think that rich people are just like thieves, they decide not to be rich. Just to avoid others thinking the same way about themselves. There is the same story about weight loss and being in good shape. Like when you see good looking people in media and start thinking these people are not intelligent enough and they just want to attract people by their beautiful body shape. If you go through the same process, then others will think the same about you and you don’t like to be judged just by appearance.

So if you have any negative thought about having a beautiful body shape that is admired by so many people ask yourself how you can change them to positive thoughts?

If you have tried so many processes like the simplest ways to lose weight or the fast ways to lose weight or whatever you can find on the Internet or through your nutritionist and your body building trainer and you are still in trouble, ask yourself what your doubts and fears are? How can I get rid of them? Try to find an expert or professional like weight loss psychiatrist to help you know and solve your problems.

Best wishes.

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