Hi dear friends. I am Hadi (Elias) and I have been in the process of losing weight for almost five years. It has been an amazing process for me since there have been so many ups and downs, all have provided new experiences for me but you know sometime it is laziness that comes about and can affect everybody involved in this sort of boring programs but finally during or after those neglecting times something from inside I mean a natural sound calls for a new movement to keep changing in appearance. And I think the best motivation for me during all these years has been a sort of expectation I have always had from myself to change. So the reason that I created this website is to provide my experiences for people like yourself who are really interested in to fit well and get good shape. And then to be in contact with people who have the same mindset. I mean those who are looking for a CHANGE and accept to go through CHALLENGES. In addition I believe there are so many people out there who need to experience a sort of CHANGE in their routine lifestyle in order to achieve their best ideal body shape.

  • Since I have been interested in the word CHANGE and its inspiration the whole time everywhere that I have found a sentence including CHANGE I have tried to keep in mind but one day almost three years ago when I registered to practice in a gym I watched a short but really effective and inspiring sentence on the wall of that gym including that special word for me CHANGE and it was IF SOMETHING DOES NOT CHALLENGE YOU, IT WILL NOT CHANGE YOU. So I got my mind fuel and since that time I can say rarely and exactly almost no time that I have lost track of my program.As I mentioned in the first paragraph the real CHANGE happened three years ago when I enrolled for the gym. When you decide to attend gym it means a determined program can support you and a sort of motivation is always with you to look after your goals. In addition if a good trainer stands beside you the results will be awesome. And that happened to me. A really amazing turning point in the whole process of losing weight.


     When I started my weight loss program five years ago I was almost 204 lbs ( 92.4 kgs) at 5’10″( 1.78 m) and  I was so determined to lose almost 50 lbs in a year. I mean based on so many of those stuffs that I have read on different HOW TO LOSE WEIGHT FAST blogs I was approximately sure that I would achieve my goal in just one year but reality was something different. During the first year I couldn’t even lose more than 5 lbs and that is almost 10% of what I was planning for. If I had been a businessman, I would have been bankrupted with that sort of implementation. Anyway for the first two years I had been fluctuating to achieve my goal. Sometimes losing weight and sometimes gaining weight. I should add that at the end of those years the result was positive to lose weight but not the sort of result that I had been expecting.


·         When I started the process at gym with my trainer he suggested two important points to me. First to have a diary to keep my records and second he told me you could eat whatever you want to eat but remember if you wanted to lose weight , the calories out should always be above the calories in. And just imagine to lose 1 lb  3500 calories should be burnt and to lose 50 lbs 165000 should be burnt.

  • After three years of gym practices I have achieved my goal and lost that 50 lbs and I’m really honored to be able to achieve my goal and increase self confidence in myself.

  • That is a summary of what has happened to me during the last five years and I wish you have enjoyed reading it. I am really interested to be in contact with people who are in the same adventure. So feel free to comment below and make sure you visit my website regularly as I am always updating it with amazing ideas and information that I come across and I know you will find them interesting.  

  • Best wishes, Elias.